Monday, December 22, 2008

January Hostess Only Collections

Bucket of Bubbles & BlissBest enjoyed with this recipe:

Step 1. Set aside an hour for your personal home spa experience.

Step 2. Run a warm bath and place one half to one tube of Dead Sea Salts under running water.

Step 3. Squirt four to six pumps of Citrus Bubble Bath under running water.

Step 4. Light candle on a safe surface.Step

5. Step into a little piece of ‘Heaven on Earth’ in your spa tub.

Step 6. Relax & add 2-3 pumps of Citrus Bubble Bath on the scrunchie & do an all over body scrub.

Step 7. Soak until you feel relaxed and ready to leave the spa.

Step 8. Towel dry and use the Citrus Olive Butter Body lotion all over (just like liquid sunshine).

Step 9. Greet the day with excitement and a renewed zest for life.

Step 10. Repeat as necessary!

Kit Includes: Vanilla Candle, Citrus Bubble Bath, Citrus Body Lotion, Vanilla Dead Sea Salt Tube, Bath ScrunchieRetail value $50 Hostess Special Price $25!

NEW Hostess Only Collections!
“Treat Me” Mug O’ BlissHostesses enjoy a mug of pure Jordan Essentials bliss.White mug perfect for latte or soup. Includes:

• Black Raspberry Vanilla Body Silk

• Black Raspberry Vanilla Pure Glycerin Soap

• Black Raspberry Vanilla Lotion Bar

• Soap Sack

• Relaxing Roller

Retail Value $40. Hostesses Special Price $20!